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We offer both Guided and Unguided hunts, with your choice of Ringneck Pheasant, Chukar, or Bobwhite Quail.  Click our PRICING page for the available options

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Arguably the most popular upland gamebird, our birds are locally grown to perform like wild birds.  These aren't your typical 'farm' birds - these are winged rockets!  They're more fun than a basket full of shorthair puppies...well, maybe close.

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Found in the western high desert plains of North America, this game bird is a favorite of ours.  They fly high like a pheasant and can run with amazing speed and agility.  This bird was given the nickname "Devil Bird" for a reason - but that's part of what makes them so much FUN!!

They make excellent training birds for young pups and great adventure for older, more experienced dogs.  They're not bad to eat either!

We raise our Chukar from day old chicks, and if you've never hunted them - we HIGHLY recommend you try them!  



Is one of the more widely distributed and hunted game birds in the US.  With their distinctive "bob-WHITE" call, this bird is often heard before it's seen. When a covey flushes in front of you, it can be quite a decision on which bird to go for.  Many a hunter has stood watching, and missed the shot!

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